Meet Wumi: Your Partner In The Pursuit of Intimacy With God!

“Knowing God” – two words that best describe Wumi Ademola and her ministry!

Wumi, is above all, a passionate pursuer of God’s presence who’s fiercely committed to helping as many people as she can get to know God in a very real and intimate way – to know God’s word; know God’s ways; know God’s wonderful plans; and above all know God’s love!

Her personal journey of intimacy with the Lord began in the fall of 1983, when as a college freshman she responded to an altar call, forever pledging her love and life to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Just a little over a decade later, in the summer of 1996, Wumi said “yes” to God’s call to full-time ministry; and ever since has been teaching and preaching God’s word everywhere the Holy Spirit sends her, the Lord working with her confirming the word through the accompanying signs! Mark 16:20

She is also a devoted wife, mother, pastor, author, and conference speaker who’s had the honor of ministering to audiences in various churches and conferences around the globe.

Wumi lives in Houston, Texas with Toye, her husband of over two decades, where they both serve as presiding pastors at Dominion International Center, a dynamic, diverse, multi-location Spirit-filled church.